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Take your website or webshop and development team to the next level by using the right techniques and approaches, and make it measurably better.

I am a speaker, webdeveloper, and consultant with a focus on Technical SEO. I strive to achieve the best performance and sitespeed and love to share my knowledge.

Crash course your team's sitespeed potential to optimize conversion and revenue!

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Sitespeed en accessibility consultant | Performance specialist, Erwin Hofman
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Start addressing your online:

  • bouncerate and dwell-time;
  • holistic SEO and organic positioning;
  • conversion and it's revenue or subscribers;
  • further deterioration of your shop's performance score;
  • user experience and frustration due to layout shifting (CLS).

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  • Enterprise

    Let me improve your user engagement, by leading your team towards optimal performance.

  • E-commerce

    Instead of spending valuable time on sitespeed research, let me crash course your team’s knowledge to boost your revenue.

  • Digital agencies

    Do you have a large set of clients where you're responsible for sitespeed? Let me teach your team!

  • Events

    With 15+ years of experience, I like to share my knowledge as a speaker. Invite me to your event!

Performance results with Erwin Hofman

An example of a mobile 3G webshop performance score I enable teams to achieve for you.

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This has my attention too:

Privacy and security

Strict security guidelines and the GDPR may have a big impact on your website or application. Do you need help in your journey towards a compliant online environment? I am often asked to use my skills to form a technical extension between the theory (law and guidelines) and actual practice.

I talk about and help with:

  • OWASP security implementation guidelines;
  • PII policy with Google Products;
  • GDPR and cookie website compliance;
  • Preventing sanctions and fines under the GDPR.

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Web accessibility

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recognizes using the Web as a basic human right for everyone. For developers and organizations that want to create high quality websites and web tools, and not exclude people from using their products and services, accessibility is essential.

I stand for and help with inclusiveness:

  • An accessible environment for the blind and the visually impaired.
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities (like Parkinson's disease).
  • WCAG 2.1 and whether or not use WAI aria.

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Reduce carbon emission

A Dutch media website nu.nl has to process almost 800 million pageviews per month. Just trough their website they are responsible for a carbon emission of at least 31 million kilograms per year. My research proves they could save 29 million kilograms of carbon emission on a yearly basis by using better web-techniques.

I am passionate about making websites better for the environment, resulting in:

  • Direct hosting savings;
  • Longer battery lifetime for mobile users;
  • Less carbon emission on server side as well as client side (in your visitors screen);
  • No differences in the visual end-result (except faster loading times).

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