Erwin Hofman
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I help agencies and e-commerce achieve optimal Lighthouse knowledge and results as an independent consultant & developer.

Roadshow Blog

  • 2003

    Starting LightBolt

    After some years of PHP and a lot of non-technical requests, I, Erwin Hofman, created the first draft of the LightBolt CMS to aid my clients.

    • 250+ sites created
    • AMP, PWA, Webp
    • Beating Lighthouse
    • Optimal UX and CRO

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  • 2005

    Founding my agency

    I started my own agency in 2005 and renamed it to Blue 2 Blond in 2008, with employees all having their own expertise.

    • Privacy and security
    • Fast and accessible
    • Technical SEO
    • Happy customers

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  • 2015

    Sharing my knowledge

    Being a (typical?) developer, it was not until 2015 that I dared to share my knowledge in front of others, talking about:

    • Online accessibility
    • How to build a CMS
    • Helping agencies
    • Improving e-com

As a developer, I also address:

  • Online accessibility

    Convincing others that building screenreader and keyboard accessible websites isn't rocket science.

  • Inclusivity

    Equal online experience for all, where our products are adaptive and will recognize preferences of our users.

  • Sustainability

    Internet is already producing more carbon emissions than the aviation industry. Being part of this profession, we have a responsibility.