Pagespeed findings

    • ± 2 minutes

    Analysing your Core Web Vitals competition

    Only 24% is passing the Core Web Vitals. This means your shop has the chance to not only get some highlighting in the search results, but also outperform your closest competitors. Let's dive into some numbers and toolings.

    • ± 1 minute

    Core Web Vitals and highlighting live in May 2021

    Things just got real! We already knew about Core Web Vitals. Google now published that your website will be highlighted within the Google search result pages.

    • ± 6 minutes

    Improving a third party chatbot widget's performance

    The sad part of third party chat widgets is that it really is up to chat widget providers to improve performance, caring about the performance of their clients' websites and webshops at the same time. But even when they don't, we can make a difference.

    • ± 4 minutes

    Chatbot pagespeed impact visualized

    I wrote my own chatbot + livechat and this created quite some fuzz on LinkedIn. I even received swear words, luckily just for chatbot testing purposes 😅. But let's talk about the harm of chat bots such as Zopim (Zendesk), and how I visualized this.

    • ± 4 minutes

    Free JS toggle to create a dark mode for your website

    Did you know that a dark mode could save 63% power usage on mobile devices? More important from UX perspective is that you can also introduce a dark mode to make your site more pleasant for all kinds of users.

    • ± 5 minutes

    Fancy and flexible CSS outlines to help web accessibility

    You might be using Bootstrap, or maybe even never considered outlines. Or deliberately removed them, leaving your users in the dark. However, outlines or focus indicators can still be fancy and helpful at the same time, without impacting

    • ± 3 minutes

    Show me where I am: accessibility outlines

    You don't want to ruin the look of your website or webshop by some random ugly borders. These borders are called outlines and happen to aid some users as if you are walking in the dark with no lights. So, don't just remove them!

    • ± 3 minutes

    Digital accessibility week in the Netherlands

    This isn't sexy at all, but someone has to do it as your customers (or maybe even your very own relatives) could be subject to this temporary or even permanently.

    • ± 5 minutes

    Rocket Loader and Core Web Vitals

    Render blocking JS? Use Rocket Loader JS they said! But then Core Web Vitals came around, changing things 😕 However, Rocket Loader already came with a handful of pitfalls:

    • ± 2 minutes

    GTmetrix says it's outdated and will use Core Web Vitals

    Earlier I wrote why to use PageSpeed Insights instead of GTmetrix, but this might not be accurate anymore by the end of the month. GTmetrix announced they will be moving to using Core Web Vitals as well.

    • ± 4 minutes

    Webflow and Core Web Vitals

    Webflow was founded in 2012 and is an online visual editor platform allowing users to design, build and launch websites. Does this mean you can't get high PageSpeed scores? And what about the newest Core Web Vitals?

    • ± 2 minutes

    Why isn't HTTP/2 improving the pagespeed score

    Sometimes a LinkedIn post of mine is leading to new questions as well. This time: "How do you get a high PageSpeed score when a site is using HTTP/2?"

    • ± 3 minutes

    Why your Wordpress site is not accessible

    Some (WP) agencies are really into accessibility. However, when you do support accessibility as a developer, but not really pay close attention, there is a big chance you are unknowingly building inaccessible Wordpress websites for your clients.

    • ± 4 minutes

    7 steps for building web accessible hamburger menu's

    Accessibility is like privacy: it often isn't the core business of a company. Even menu's become the victim. As a result, some might never be able to reach or interact with your main navigation.

    • ± 1 minute

    WCAG 2.1 translated by Accessibility Foundation

    Being a recommendation since June 5th, 2018, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 got translated to Dutch and published by Accessibility Foundation.

    • ± 8 minutes

    Does 5G make my sitespeed issues go away?

    Recently, when discussing pagespeed optimizations within a platform migration, I was asked if fiber internet or 5G will make sitespeed issues go away, or just making it worse.

    • ± 2 minutes

    How faster internet resulted in slower sites and webshops

    During the years 2011 through 2019, 4g coverage spread from 5% to 79% of the world. During that same time period, the median average JavaScript transfer size to mobile devices increased by 611%, from 52kb to 372.9 KB.