WPO roadshow

While travelling through The Netherlands for appointments, I visit events and give in-house talks on the subjects of:

  • WCAG / web accessibility;
  • pagespeed and perceived performance;
  • Core Web Vitals;
  • and thus technical UX / CRO.

Depending on the type of agency, this is often done in the presence of:

  • marketers & product owners;
  • UX & SEO specialists;
  • and obviously developers.

The goals of agencies hiring me often is:

  • to improve in-house awareness or knowledge;
  • to make it a team effort and improve dialogs with (external) developers;
  • to help their own clients to improved page load, UX and their revenue;
  • to prepare for or pass the Core Web Vitals assessment to reduce bounce and improve ranking.


    Previous talks and training

    These companies will be (brought) up to speed on Core Web Vitals, conversion and ranking.

    Claim your (corona-proof) session within one of the upcoming trips and I'll be sure to apply an 'efficiency discount' for your in-house talk or project.

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