Better Core Web Vitals
assisted by Erwin Hofman

Google's Core Web Vitals provide guidance for pagespeed and UX friendly websites. As of 2021, Web Vitals will become a SEO ranking factor.

About Web Vitals Cost

  • What does Web Vitals provide?

    Essential metrics for a healthy site

    Google's Web Vitals help you gain real life insight in how your users experience your website or webshop by:

    • Loading time: how long do your users have to wait until they see something on your website;
    • Interactivity: how long until your users can do something on your website;
    • Visual stability: will the website they see be stable, or shift while loading.
  • Better loading time

    Improving Largest Contentful Paint

    LCP reports the render time of the largest image or text block visible within the viewport of your webshop or site. Often this is the hero-image.

    • A LCP lower then 2.5 seconds, means your website has a good loading score.
    • A fast LCP helps reassure the user that the page is useful, thus lowering the bounce-rate.
    • I help you and your team with a strategy that will lower your LCP.
  • Faster Interactivity

    First Input Delay

    The FID metric measures your users first impression of the interactivity and responsiveness within your website or webshop.

    • An optimal FID User Experience is lower then 100ms;
    • When the FID-metric is high, the browser is too busy with parsing something else, usually JavaScript;
    • I help you implement better parsing-methods on your website, by giving you best practice methods to load the code of your webshop.
  • More visual stability

    Cumulative Layout Shift

    Every unexpected layout shift that occurs while your user is interacting on your webshop page, is measured by the CLS metric.

    • You should aim for your CLS to be lower then 10%;
    • This will ensure that your users will not start reading - or worse clicking- something that will shift later;
    • I will help you with finding the layout-shifts, and reduce or stop them from happening on your e-commerce webpage.
  • Erwin Hofman is happy to help

    Start making your website faster

    Are you interested in improving your Web Vitals Score? Great plan! This will ensure better conversion rates and a higher SEO ranking. I am happy to assist you, your marketeers and your developers in this e-commerce journey.

    We found that when a site meets the above thresholds, users are 24% less likely to abandon page loads

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