Analytics and insights

We all love an isolated or even automated test like Lighthouse once in a while, but how are real users on different devices and internet connections, experiencing the website.

While optimization is on the roadmap, we can start collecting real user measurements (RUM).

What does it mean?

For insights and correct conclusions, we need data. From an insights as well as performance perspective, we don't want different scripts to collect different data. Based on any toolings already used by your development team, we choose the right tooling for the job. This could be SpeedCurve, but also Google Analytics with custom metrics.

Why doing measurements?

Numbers tell the tale. As improving performance will affect conversion, we need to know who your users are and how they are experiencing the webshop, it's productpages and other pages. By always keeping an eye on shifts in real performance and thus user experience, we can get insights to improve current as well as future decision-making and thus conversion outcome.

How much does it cost?

Setting up real user measurements depends on the situation. It could be somewhere between 2.000 and 10.000 euro's (excluding VAT), excluding tooling subscriptions. Depending on the kind of webshop as well as intention of getting and staying fast, insights will be as important as knowledge.

What comes after measurements?

Development and thus pagespeed iterations will follow, based on real user measurement (RUM) insights. It will become an interplay between insights and development.