Get fast, stay fast

After the fixed phases, it is time for action. In an ideal situation, optimizations aren't done at once. I will address other use-case specific culprits, pitfalls and best practices.

To get fast and stay fast, I will increase in-house knowledge, making my job and thus dependancy obsolete over time.

What does it mean?

For this, I will be your performance advocate and go-to guy to get questions from developers or product owners answered, setting up brainstorm sessions and Q&As and maybe even preparing and appointing an in-house Chief Web Performance Officer for your e-commerce or (when being an development agency) business.

Why getting and staying faster?

It is harder to make a website fast, than making a fast website. Often because we started off with another mindset. It is as easy to neglect conversion from the performance and pagespeed perspective. This will quite certainly lead to missing revenue, but also making it harder to recover from performance losses. Most improvements might have direct impact. However, maintaining performance and staying fast is not a sprint, it's a marathon.

How much does it cost?

The costs depends: size of your shop, your team's growth during optimization and sessions and time required. But most important: How dedicated is your business towards improving performance and staying on top of it. For example, you could reserve 5% of income to improve performance, delivering exponential results.

My hourly rate for (remote) help, brainstorm sessions and other work (excluding training sessions) is 150 euro's. Want to arrange trainings? Hit me up!

What comes after measurements?

Basically, iterations. Although we should also take into account to not start over-optimizing all resources, we can steer on earlier insights and keep improving in iterations.

Google Search Console showing optimal real user experience on mobileGoogle Search Console showing optimal real user experience on mobile