Knowledge transfer

Based on a Proof of Concept, we can take action. If so, I will share the findings and best practices I implemented within the Proof of Concept, to improve the perceived performance.

Although accessible for all stakeholders, such sessions may be most interesting for (frontend) developers, product-owners as well as SEO and UX specialists.

What does it mean?

Based on the Proof of Concept, I will explain the applied improvements and illustrate how it is helping UX.

Why doing knowledge transfer?

In the presence of (frontend) developers, we also talk about the synergy between their code and the browsers. This often changes the mindset, being beneficial towards getting and staying fast in the future.

Another goal is to push the in-house knowledge to the next level and reduce dependency on external specialists, such as myself.

How much does it cost?

A session will cost around 4 hours. All absorbed information by your development team is re-usable within other projects as well.
I charge around 2.000 euro's (excluding VAT) for such sessions, where code will be shared and best practices will be explained.

What comes after knowledge transfer?

After such knowledge session, we should start collecting data of current users and their experiences.

Talk about the Proof of Concept with SEO specialists as an audienceTalk about the Proof of Concept with SEO specialists as an audience