Performance audits
and in-house training

I help e-commerce solutions boost sitespeed and conversion within digital agencies and e-commerce companies.

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  • Second opinion

    € 680

    Good score, but bad UX?
    Double check your metrics?

    • What is UX suffering from?
    • Discover anti-patterns
    • Improve first engagement
    • Improve on-site performance
    • Report to your developer(s)

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  • Extended audit, from

    € 1980

    Prioritize your backlog
    with in-depth insights

    • Discovering bottlenecks
    • Going beyond Lighthouse
    • Font strategy, layout shifts
    • High, medium & low impact
    • Hard, medium & easy fixes

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  • Pagespeed training

    € 1980

    Do it yourself
    after a 4-hour session

    • Current and future Lighthouse changes
    • Core Web Vitals and ranking update
    • Read and act on real (Cr)UX data
    • Code examples and anti-patterns
    • In-house or via Zoom/Teams/Meet

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Prices are excluding VAT, which only applies to Dutch companies.

Frequently asked questions


  • As long as you're in control of the end result, meaning you can change the HTML and JS source code as received by the browser, it doesn't matter which platform your webshop is running on.

    Are you using a Software as as Service (SaaS) solution? Then chances are, I have to collaborate with your SaaS provider. Some SaaS solutions, such as Lightspeed, is a positive exception, as you are still in control of HTML source by changing the Lightspeed templates.

    Previous work concerned Shopware 6, Magento 1, Magento 2, Lightspeed, Shopify, WooCommerce, Laravel and other custom shops.

  • I am a developer instead of a marketeer. I can only help if you feel that your shop is suffering from performance, or could achieve better sitespeed in order to improve UX and conversion.

  • It depends. SEO, UX or digital/webshop agencies often hire me to improve performance awareness and knowledge within their team. When being an e-commerce owner/company, or when a specific webshop of one of your clients is suffering from performance bottlenecks, an audit could be the first step.

  • Are you far in the process, maybe improving the score but not real UX or bounce metrics? Or having second thoughts about the technical implementation of your team? A second opinion will be your go-to strategy. If your team has the right technical knowledge, an extended audit could do the trick. Want a head start? Let me do a Proof of Concept: everyone will know what the difference in loading time will be, and I hand over the code to your developers, including an setup guide.


  • I am not convinced it will impact SEO directly. However, it will affect bounce-rate, pogo-sticking, UX and conversion. Crawlability will improve as well when improving speed and thus. SEO or UX alone should not be the reason to address sitespeed, addressing sitespeed will impact both as you'll extend inclusivity.

  • Focussing on different metrics could help improve first user engagement, improve responsiveness on user interaction (UX), prevent further technical debt and improve crawlability (SEO).

  • No, besides being a developer by origin, there are too many factors in play. See also "how long will it take before seeing results?".

  • Yes, but at what cost? As a developer, I like a 100% -or at least a green performance score- as well, but the effort will be more worthwhile when focussing on real life bottlenecks and individual metrics. I'll help you with that.

Getting started

  • There will be no doubt that I will find bottlenecks. Even a, coolblue and wehkamp are leaving money on the table. However, I would like to hear from you or your stakeholders where your bottlenecks are. If your team already started addressing pagespeed, send me an export of your backlog or roadmap as well.

  • It depends. It should not only be one product- of compny owner who want's to improve. If your development team isn't on the same page and isn't open for learning about the synergy between their code and the browser/user, there is no point coming up with a strategy.

  • It depends on the platform, your team's knowledge of the platform as well as performance best practices. For example, excluding project management/communication overhead, within a clean Laravel shop, it could take one week. When having a Magento 1, Lightspeed or Shopware 6 shop, this could become 1,5 week. When using Shopify or Magento including its coding conventions, this could become 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Their are different factors in play. For example, do you have a seasonal webshop, does weather play a role? But also, what platform are you using and what is the sitespeed/performance knowledge of your team. To reduce lead time, let me train your developers as well.

  • When travel- and accomodation expenses are covered by your agency/company, I can work in-house as long as you like. Often, training/sessions are done on (your) location. The different types of audits will be conducted remote.

  • If my job is done right, awareness sticks within your team and someone has been made responsible for keeping up a healthy performance hygiene, then yes!

    I often see anti-patterns arising after improvements were made. Sometimes because of build processes or lack of awareness towards browsers and users. My advice is to get me involved in the long run, to not only improve on short-term, but long term as well and even become class-leader.


  • I am not a jack of all trades, if that's what you're asking me. So, I don't do development within every platform, I bet your team will do a better job.

    However, an extended audit or PoC will contain developer-tips to address and solve bottlenecks. Your team should have the right knowledge of the platform to implement. On top of that, I can assist your team with the right code snippets, as I've implemented almost all pagespeed and performance best practices with my very own LightBolt CMS.

  • We are in the process of migrating own performance best practices into Shopware plugins. On top of that, I wrote a piece of code for Magento (1), to be implemented within 15 minutes. Lightspeed doesn't work with plugins, but is quite easy to make the right changes as well. So, in general I don't build plugins, but I can assist your team with the right code snippets, as I've implemented almost all pagespeed and performance best practices with my very own LightBolt CMS.

  • Frontend performance, covering TTFB, DNS lookups, cookies, redundant code, render blocking resources, resource hints, font loading strategy, (client side) caching strategy, image loading, used libraries, main thread blocking, code deduplication, third party widgets, loading on demand and maybe anti-patterns due to other optimizations.

  • Partially. Making the right choice when it comes to server side performance (hosting + platform) is up to you. At the same time, when -for example- TTFB's are quite high, for example for API responses, it sometimes is possible to determine if their is a caching or SQL-query bottleneck.

    However, most collaborations isn't covering a deep dive into server side performance. At the same time, while having build the fastest CMS out there, you can invite me to putting our heads together.

  • My working is only focussing on web performance and the work that is done between the code of your site or shop and the browser. Native Apple iOS or Android apps not running in a browser, isn't part of my expertise.

More rates

  • Send me your monthly webshop revenue, and we'll have a look if we can come up with a appropriate fee.

  • My rates are based on the hours that I save agencies for conducting research and tests themselves. As I already did and still am putting time into researching and testing today. Instead of doing it yourself, I will hand over these best practices to your developers and specialists during sessions and audits.

    Moreover, training and audits also lead to improved user experience, resulting in reduced bounce, improved SEO ranking, better user engagement and more conversion and revenue.

  • After doing an audit or establishing the right amount of performance knowledge and awareness, I will charge my work per hour. My hourly rate is EUR 150, excluding travel- or accommodation expenses.

No matter your platform: