Hunkemöller - retail

Hunkemöller - retail

Being remarkably similar as the HEMA Proof of Concept, perceived performance improvements where over 70% while only testing desktop (from slow 3G to 4G).

With the Proof of Concept I created, I wanted to illustrate the room of improvements towards perceived performance and thus customer retention, reducing bounce rate and thus improve conversion.

To optimize for the first user engagement, I look at the First Meaningful Paint as a performance and user experience metric (to be replaced by Largest Contentful Paint). Elements to check for, are product-title, price and image, as these are most meaningful towards visitors.

I succeeded to improve the loading time on different internet speeds. These were as following:

  • on 4G desktop, tested from Amsterdam
    1.0 seconds versus 3.5 seconds (improvement of 71%);
  • on slow 3G desktop, tested from Amsterdam
    2.7 seconds versus 10.4 seconds (improvement of 74%).

Note that tests were only done on desktop. As mobile devices are less powerfull, improvements would typically be more noticeable for mobile users.

Based on these outcomes, room for improvement is remarkably similar with the HEMA Proof of Concept I conducted.

Check out the video comparions.