Security and privacy compliance

Regulations or laws, you just don't want to be the subject of a data breach. Furthermore, your business believes in credibility via accountability, but where to begin?

Having built applications myself and being familiar with security and privacy guidelines and regulations, I support other companies' DevOps and teams in the process.

Let's get secured now!

OWASP, GDPR and PII for your team

I analyse or inform your DevOps about:

  • OWASP security implementation guidelines;
  • PII policy with Google Products;
  • GDPR and cookie website compliance;
  • Preventing sanctions and fines under the GDPR.

I analyse and boost your compliance, when security and privacy aren't just regulations to your business

Saw or organizing a web related privacy or security event? Please give me a heads up and let's connect. You can also invite me to talk about:

  • security and fingerprinting;
  • how to use JavaScript when complying to privacy regulations;
  • PII policies;
  • data-leakage prevention.

Event invitation or request consultancy

Want to keep an eye on the security of your application? You can:

  • download tools and framework specific plugins which do auto-testing;
  • use general tools like Burp Suite [free];
  • read about fingerprinting and security in general in OWASP's guidelines;
  • Read Google's PII policy when (or even when not) using Google products;
  • Keep checking for JavaScript vulnerabilities (or use Lighthouse to test for such files).

Of course, do this beside using TLS for websites/applications, forcing your users to use strong passwords, use good hashing yourself!

Rather talk about security or privacy?

Don't have the time or manpower to test your site's or application's security and privacy, or in need of an extra pair of eyes?

Let me check this for you:

  • privacy compliance when using video, social media sharing, and analytics;
  • Google's PII policy within your online solution;
  • chances of form hijacking and data-leakage;
  • security issues when using JavaScript;
  • fingerprinting vulnerabilities;
  • XSS.

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