Sitespeed and performance

Potential customers and subscribers may leave your (PWA) site or webshop when its sitespeed is above three seconds. Not the case? Then let's imagine the influence on your conversion, while I optimize it even further!

I will guide your team into growth, hacking your solutions into fast and user engaging shops, stopping your business from missing out on revenue.

Let's speed up!

Sitespeed cases:

  • I improved a website's score from 21% to 97%, by using a CMS with optimal performance techniques.
  • I • I did an audit how DeOnlineDrogist (a Dutch online pharmacist) can improve revenue with an extra € 2.5 million (an 8,6% increase of revenue).
  • I created a proof of concept at Schoenen Torfs (a Belgian shoe retailer), enabling them to increase revenue with 40% (a revenue increase of € 10 million).

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Boost your team's sitespeed potential

Start addressing:

  • bouncerate and dwell-time;
  • holistic SEO and organic positioning;
  • conversion and thus revenue or subscribers;
  • preventing (further) deterioration of your shops performance score;
  • user frustration due to layout shifting (CLS).

Crash course your (DevOps) team into increasing holistic SEO, engagement and revenue for your clients or business.

With over 15 years of experience in building lean websites, I am also sharing my knowledge. Let me crash course your DevOps' sitespeed potential, enhance the knowledge within your company, and boost your (customer's) revenue!

Or organizing an event about performance or sitespeed? Don't hesitate to give me a heads up, so I can show up as a guest or even as a speaker and have a chat about sitespeed and performance.

Let's speed up now!

Want to boost your conversion and revenue? Always keep testing, e.g. Google's Lighthouse, or online tools, such as:

When the recommendations are becoming too much, start reading Google's But always stay sharp, but don't overdo it ...Read my articles instead! Otherwise your (team's) modifications may become counterproductive.

Talk about sitespeed before starting off?

RWant to know where you are at and which improvements are still possible? I'll check your website on Technical SEO:

  • hreflang;
  • (unnecessary) redirects;
  • responsiveness;
  • sitespeed metrics (TTFB, FMP, TTI);
  • image / resource loading;
  • resource hints;
  • compression and minification;

.. and many more.

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